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5 Most Essential Maternity Bra Features To Look Out For (That your mother, sisters and friends might not know)

5 Most Essential Maternity Bra Features To Look Out For (That your mother, sisters and friends might not know)

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Pregnancy can be a stressful but exhilarating time that often leaves you hit with the curiosity bug and lots of questions.

You might seek answers out from your own mother, sisters or friends as you trust their judgments and experience.

However, with our lives evolving so quickly these days, with technology and products continually improving, the type of advice you’d be given may be outdated, and might not be the best advice for the present moment.

I can tell you an example of this when I bought my first ever maternity bra. I sought out advice from my best friend and went onto spending hundreds of dollars on maternity bras she’d recommended.

The problem was, they weren’t stylish, and although they might’ve been comfortable, they didn’t offer much support or good enough shape or bust line.

Most importantly, they were awkward to breastfeed with.

Maybe in hindsight, I probably should’ve looked more into it and asked someone that had some more up-to-date experience with new maternity bras out there.

At least this way I could’ve had more modern information on what is really important to look for when deciding on which maternity bras to buy.

With this thought in mind, I am happy to pass on to you the knowledge and research I have, so you get the best maternity bras and enjoy this wonderful time.

So here’s my quick Maternity Bra 101 class where I teach you 5 features to look out for when trying buying a good quality maternity bra.

1- One Handed Clips

Triumph Maternity Bra

I’m sorry to say but not all clips are equal – and this is important to know. For a good quality maternity bra, it’s essential to have one handed nursing clips. This will enable the cup to be opened with just one hand, helping your other busy hand breastfeed your baby. This means say goodbye to juggling and fumbling around! This is a must when you are new at breastfeeding and things can feel a little scary and awkward. Our Hotmilk Obsession bra has just this, which I’d highly recommended.

2 - Drop Down Cups

Hotmilk Obsession Maternity Bra

This might sound straightforward, but you need to sought out a maternity bra that will help you breastfeed. I mean, you need a bra that will give you easy access – hence why drop-down cups and clips are great! They allow the bra cup to fall away from the breast and they can be clipped back firmly afterwards. We have a large range of maternity bras that offer this that you can browse! 

3 - Wide Straps

Maternity Bra 2-pack

If you really want a premium maternity bra, look for ones that have wider straps and as a little extra, you want some cushioning too. The reason for why you want to look out for this is because both of these features will help assist in minimizing straps digging into you should and offer that firm bust support that you need. The wider straps act as a bridge to spread the weight and support a foundation to give you overall comfort and support. Luckily, we stock these wide strap bras that can help you feel the difference dramatically!

4 - Extra Hooks and Eyes

Triumph Sports Bra

A little detail most bra shoppers overlook is if there are extra hooks and eyes on the band of the bra. You need these if you want your maternity bra to be adjusted and grow with you during this period. This way, you can loosen the bra when your ribcage and diaphragm fluctuate when expanding during pregnancy. In the same fashion, you will be able to tighten back up after your baby is born and your diaphragm becomes smaller – making you feel flexible and comforting.

5 - Ultra Soft Fabrics

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It goes without saying, maternity bras that are made out of cotton (specifically in the bra lining to dodge chafing and improve breathability) is a must. Soft fabrics such as organic cotton is perfect for warm climates and reduces breast sweat. Feeling hotter during pregnancy is normal and the synthetic materials will absorb and retain more moisture. Nobody wants a sweaty cleavage, and soft fabrics and much more comfortable so you can avoid having sore and tender breasts. If you do this, not only will you be thanking yourself for making the right decision, but your baby will be thanking for you having a better time being breastfed. As always, we store many soft cotton bras at Curvy and always find glowing reviews from customers.

Most importantly, above all the features I’ve mentioned above, you want to make sure you’re grabbing a maternity bra that makes you feel good when you put it on.

Here at Curvy Bras we have a great range of quality maternity bras to suit all shapes and sizes. Whether you are after comfort, style, sexy or a sports maternity bras, we have something suitable for you. We ship Australia wide and overseas.