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Do you put on a bra to walk your dog?

Do you put on a bra to walk your dog?

So my building has a 2nd floor courtyard with a pool and like a grassy, tree filled area to walk your dog. I went down in a tank and pajama pants today to walk my special Toby. 


Why? Because I didn't have a bra on and usually I always put on a bra if I leave my apartment. 

So I thought about it more, should I be wearing a bra to walk my dog in my apartment complex? Or am I being ridiculous?

We asked some of our Team Curvy girls what they think:

"I put a bra on whenever I leave the house period."

- Bec

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"Just yesterday I went out with her just to pee on our front tree. It was 9 am and no one in sight, so I ran out in my sundress and no bra. In the 30 seconds we were outside, two neighbors drove by and waved. My boobs are not at all perky or small. Never again!" 

- Anne

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"I will only go to my mailbox wit no bra and even then I am uncomfortable the whole time and worry a neighbor will stop and want to chat."

- Grace

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"I definitely don't have little boobs. lol. I probably need the bra."

- Olivia

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"I put on a bra anytime I leave the house. But I also nip out a lot and do not think they is a very attractive look."

- Vicki

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Yikes. Maybe I should be putting one on. Let me grab some from our warehouse 😛 FYI we stock the largest range of A-K cup bras in Australia, check us out