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Hate Underwires? This might be why….

Hate Underwires? This might be why….


Underwires have forever been seen as devil when it comes to bras, whether they’re moving around, digging in or trying to stab you when they escape their casing, it fair to say that wires can be uncomfortable. That being said we firmly believe that underwires have got themselves a bad rep over the years and wrongly so. 

A correctly fitting bra with underwires should never be uncomfortable and if anything the wires in your bra should make your bra feel more secure and give your breasts the added support and lift they need. In order to make sure your bra is doing everything it should be follow these three steps: 

Wires sit flat in the centre:

One of the big no-nos with wires is that they don’t sit flat against your chest in between your boobs. If yours are floating around in the middle somewhere and not touching your chest then chances are that you’re in the wrong size. It’s most likely that you’ve opted for a band size that’s too big for you and this isn’t pulling your band tight around your ribcage and therefore they aren't sitting flat. It could also be that the cup size (which determines the size of the wires) is too small and you need more room for your breast tissue to actually sit in the cups. 

Wires are in contact with your body the whole way round:

Lots of women find wires uncomfortable as they are constantly readjusting and moving their wires around. If this is happening to you it’s a key indicator that your bra isn’t fitting correctly. Wires should sit firmly (but comfortably) against the ribcage and be in contact with the body at all times. You shouldn’t be able to pull your wires away from your body easily. If you can then you’re opting for a band size that is too big and you should try a tighter fit. 

Wires are sitting under your arms and encasing all your breast tissue:

Many women make the mistake of thinking that their breasts are smaller than they are, this means that they often choose cups (and therefore wires) that only cover a small portion of their breast tissue. In a lot of cases breast tissues can sits as far back as mid-armpits and it’s really important that all of this tissue is encased and not being trapped by the wires. 

So there you have it, wires don’t have to be the enemy and here’s three ways to check that yours are sitting pretty and doing exactly what they should be. To shopped our collection of wired bras then please do click here.