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5 Lies You’ll Hear Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie

5 Lies You’ll Hear Shopping for Plus Size Lingerie

You won't find an abundance of plus size clothing stores in shopping centres. Do you know why? They tell us it's because there's no market for larger clothes or big girl lingerie.

They're wrong. You and I both know it.

You'll hear time and time again that designers don't want to make curvy clothes, that nobody wants to sell them, and there isn't a market for women who will buy them, but we have five reasons why the lies we're told about plus size need to be put to rest.

1. No Sales: Plus-Size Fashion Doesn't Sell

Too right, it doesn't sell. Who wants to buy ill-fitting clothes that make you look and feel unattractive? The answer: No woman. Ever.

The problem is that much of what we see in store and even online in bigger dress or lingerie sizes is loosely designed, cheaply made, and completely undesirable. In simple terms, it costs more to make bigger articles that are tailored to the same standard as what the fashion world classes a 'regular' size.

Every dart, seam, and pocket placement has to be re-examined when an original design is fitted for larger ladies, and this isn't just an issue for women looking for sexy plus-size dresses, either. It's a problem for women of all shapes and sizes, including petite ladieswhose garments also need to be custom-made outside the common parameters.

Funnily enough, designers and retailers who cater to plus-size and petite women sell their products rather well. Women who don't fit the imposed sizing norm aren't buying the translation of a 'standard' size in mainstream channels. No, they go for designer plus-size clothing that is made directly for them and full figure lingerie that actually fits.

Who'd have thought?

2. No Interest: No One Over Size 16 Wants to Look Good

The notion that larger women are uninterested in fashion is somewhat misguided. In truth, the fashion world has not been interested in them, as described by Madeline Jones, editor of Plus Model:

"Small bodies are still associated with health and status," says Jones. "Even designers with plus-size lines like Michael Kors and Calvin Klein don't want anything to do with us. But I'm sure they'd send Caitlyn Jenner a dress."

If women can't find high-quality plus-size clothing or readily available large size bras then they can't buy them, let alone celebrate them. There's no shortage of women who want to.

Full Figured Fashion Week has been going strong since 2009 and embraces bigger ladies who want to be part of the fashion world and enjoy it. Delegates at the 2015 event sparkled in sequins, went wild in prints, and flaunted their curves in full skirts.

No shortage of interest here.

3. No Money: Your Purse is Too Skinny

The only women who are said to flash their cash in the fashion world are those who fit the standard size bracket. Well, we've already established that this is the only body shape that's catered for in the mainstream industry – by our calculation, then, the equation is probably correct.

However, the idea that any female who shops for plus-size clothing online has no money to spend seems ridiculous in light of the fact that the average Australia woman is around 71kg and classed as plus-size. We can't all be poor, can we?

Well-rounded, famous women who wear their red carpet dresses in plus sizes can be found in every genre of the entertainment industry: Adele in the music business, Melissa McCarthy in comedy, and Kathy Bates in film. Let us not forget the talk show host and one of the wealthiest women in the world: Oprah.

I don't think any of these women would struggle to find some spare change for larger-size lingerie, and they're certainly not alone.

4. No Role Models: But Who Do We Look Up To?

Cynics might say there are very few role models for larger women and the undeniable talent or success that we see in the list of names above is the exception rather than th norm. In fashion world standards, it all hinges on beauty.

Guess what? There are plus-size models everywhere and their size isn't an issue for everyone.

When Robyn Lawley was announced as the first ever plus-size model to feature in Sports Illustrated, viewers on Twitter were outraged that she was described as such: "Can I be stoked that Robyn Lawley is appearing in SI while being furious that this is what we consider 'plus size'?"

Monica Bielanko went on to say in Babble:

"Pretending that Robyn Lawley and her swimming suit line is plus-size is just as detrimental to the hearts and minds of women as the anorexic supermodel lauded as the standard of beauty."

Surely we can simply look up to women at any size.

5. No Resources: Nobody Caters to Plus Size

It's true you won't find racks and rails of clothes and lingerie in bigger sizes in store. You might be lucky to find a small collection of random offerings at the back of the shop in a dusty corner (they're the ill-fitting, cheap plus-size clothes we told you about). But, you will find plenty of fabulous plus-size women's clothing online.

When so many women are in the same boat looking for affordable plus-size fashion that complements their curves and makes them feel good, it's only a matter of time before bigger retailers realise they're missing out on all the profits when all of the transactions take place elsewhere.

Buy big!

It's time to prove the lies wrong and start dressing well from the inside out.

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