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Let's Talk G Cup. There Are More of Us Than You Think

Let's Talk G Cup. There Are More of Us Than You Think

When it comes to shopping around for undies, around two-thirds of internet searches are for plus size lingerie. That's a lot of Australian women out there looking for a bigger size.

What does this tell us? It tells us that G cup bras and other curvy sizes are more in demand than we think they are. Because there are far fewer searches for smaller sizes, it also suggests that women have found their solution to shopping for plus size clothing online.


Let's dig deeper for more of the truth.

There were more than 1 500 000 Google searches for terms related to "plus size lingerie" the past one year!

"G" Cup Doesn't Have to Mean "Gigantic"

There's an unimaginative old joke about bra measurements: B = Barely There, E = Enormous, G = Get a reduction, etc. Pretty lame, isn't it?

The idea that a women can't be naturally blessed with a 12GG bra size and get by without a reduction is ill-informed. There are billion of women on the planet and we all come in different shapes and sizes!

This is something to celebrate. And as we can see, larger size lingerie is in demand, so the joke's on them.

What's more, understanding bra sizing isn't as simple as ABC.

How do bra sizes work?

A 'G', or any cup size, whether smaller or full figure lingerie, isn't the same across the board. Bodies are not two-dimensional. Both cup size and band size need to be taken into consideration in bra sizing; the volume of the cups in a small band size will be significantly less than the same cup size with a large band. A 12G bra is a different animal altogether from a 22G bra.

If the band size is small, but the cup size is large, the body shape is narrow with a large bust that projects outwards. A larger band size with the same size cup results in a wider shape, since the band allows for broader coverage of the same amount of boob. Two women with these alternate shapes could be perceived as being different cup sizes altogether when, in fact, they're exactly the same.

Bags of Fun

The problem is, all this second-guessing bra cup sizes might be fun, but labelling the results based only on appeal is damaging to all women. There is no 'better' or 'worse' when it comes to cleavage. Nobody can actually say what the perfect set of breasts is; there's no such thing.

Whatever amount of stretchy material your bra requires around the back, or however much fabric sits at the front, your breasts are what they are. We don't need a bra size calculator to tell us your breasts are beautiful; they all are. And there's no better person to set the record straight than you.

Style Is Up to the Individual

We get it, boobs grab attention. But we're not all out to get it. One of the biggest complaints from big-breasted women is the unwanted stares or the comments at times when they feel at their most self-conscious.

Some women love sexy plus size dresses that don't hide their cleavage away, while others prefer plus size fashion that covers it up.

Flaunt it

If you're pining after a low cut dress for a big night out and want your cleavage to steal the show, a plunge bra will cover only half of your breast leaving the rest to be framed by the dress. Plunge bras go to G and beyond, so don't feel like you can't make the most of this glamorous design.

Minimise it

If you want your chest size to look smaller than it is, go for a minimiser bra. It might reduce the impact of your size G breasts, but popular designs are full of colour and lace, so there's no need to feel dowdy.

Dressing to Impress

What you do with your boobs is, of course, entirely up to you. But whatever you do, it's important you find outfits to suit your body shape and that you wear whatever you feel most comfortable in. Choices can depend on nothing more than the day of the week or the mood you're in. The good news is that there are plenty of options if you look in the right places.

Wearing plus size bras that do your curves justice is just as important as the clothes you wear over them. Certainly, loving the fabric that sits closest to your skin can go a long way to improving and maintaining body confidence.

If you think a pretty balcony style can't be found in a 18G bra size, you're wrong.

Not sure peek-a-boo is for you? We beg to differ:

Scantilly Peek-A-Boo Bra - Black

When you wear the right size for your shape and choose clothes that feel good, even a prominent set of G cup breasts can be subdued by an air of confidence. Being comfortable in your own skin is just as important as slipping into the right bra size. That's the only secret there is.

Go celebrate your curves. You are far from alone!

Whatever it is you're looking for, find something to make you feel glorious in a G cup from our versatile range of plus-size bras