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5 Surprising Reasons Why Mums Choose Hotmilk Maternity Bras

5 Surprising Reasons Why Mums Choose Hotmilk Maternity Bras

If you're enjoying a healthy and happy pregnancy, you'll be feeling pretty fabulous right now.

Your hair is glossy, your nails are thick, and your skin is more radiant than you've ever seen it before. Once you start showing, people will smile at you in the street and hold open the door. You're the bearer of new life and feel like a goddess: it's an exciting time and full of wonder.

So how is it that pregnancy clothing, lingerie and maternity sleepwear is so utterly dull? Even with an extra heartbeat beating inside you, you still want to feel good in your undies and Hotmilk maternity wear saves the day.

No wonder new mums-to-be worry that they're resigning themselves to a lifetime of bland fashion and diaper bags replacing handbags. When you're pregnant, you're focused on the baby, but the desire for good-looking clothes doesn't just disappear with your ability to stay awake after dinner. Even with an extra heartbeat beating inside you, you still want to feel good in your undies!

Maternity Lingerie Doesn't Have to be Boring

When we say "sexy," we're not talking about the top 50 maternity bras to please your man. We don't mean frivolity or being daring. We're talking about the feeling that overcomes you when you wear something that makes you feel hot – not a hot flush, but that special confidence that emerges from looking good! (Yes, you can have those feelings during pregnancy too!)

When your body is working itself to the max, generating life, you want to celebrate it. And with trips to baby centres to stock up on nursing pads and diaper lotions, you don't need any more mundane shopping expeditions. Here are the five reasons why 
Hotmilk lingerie and maternity wear are taking the boring out of nursing bra shopping.

1. Kaleidoscope of Colour

The one thing we can count on with pregnancy is that it's never dull. You're going through one of the most vibrant moments of your lifetime.

If you're looking for maternity bras online or maternity sleepwear, chances are you've been to the store and been confronted by their sagging range of black or white cotton, but it doesn't have to be this way. There are colourful, exciting underwear ranges for pregnant women too.

When the never-ending series of medical appointments and frequent conversations about whether it's a boy or a girl gets to be too much, jazz things up with some energising lingerie, like this little purple number.

Chic Maternity & Nursing Bra - Purple

2. Maternity Wear for All Sizes

Women with larger busts have an especially hard time finding stylish clothes that don't pinch, squash, or bag across their chests – pregnant or not. During pregnancy, it's even more tiring having to shop around for trendy maternity clothes.

As your waistline expands and parts of your body start to protrude in places they never did before, it's important to find a lovable maternity bra that makes you feel like you're still keeping it all together.

Known for its smooth fit, the Hotmilk range is a one-stop-shop for plus size maternity bras that shape your glorious figure.

Lure Maternity Bra - Pink

3. You Don't Have to Become a Couch Potato

If you like to keep active, there's no reason to give it all up during or after pregnancy. Invest in the right maternity clothes online, and you can feel fully supported while making room for baby.

It's particularly important during pregnancy that bras, especially plus size bras, fit well and accommodate your changing size. The last thing you want is underwear that makes you feel like stripping it all off, rather than carry on doing the things you enjoy or go out for a light jog. With the right maternity sports bra, there's no holding you back.

Activate Maternity and Nursing Sports Bra - Royal Blue

4. The Land of Nod

Just as you're getting familiar with your pregnancy, enjoying a new and exciting sense of existence, sleep starts to shut your body down and take you to la-la land at every opportunity.

You used to fill your spare time shopping, meeting friends, or going out for dinner; now you can barely make it through a half-hour TV programme without closing your eyes and drifting off.

Your sleepwear doesn't have to be as dull as you feel when turning down your friends' invitations. To help embrace this rest whenever you need it, make yourself more cosy in your nest with a pleated maternity nightie. The nursing camisole from Hotmilk is designed to expand its cup size as your body expands, so sleep is blissful and uninterrupted.

Hotmilk Lure Nursing Nightie

5. Feel as Dainty as the New Hotmilk Arrival

Towards the end of your pregnancy, when going about everyday chores is a strain, chances are you won't be feeling at your most dainty. Of course, there's a lot going on behind the scenes: it only takes one little flutter of movement from the baby to remind you that you're just as fragile as the little person growing inside you.

Pregnancy stories focus on sickness, headaches, and the retching and pounding this produces. But you know there are much softer moments: you feel your baby hiccup or bask in a flush of excitement.

When your bundle of joy finally arrives, you want breastfeeding bras that are every bit as elegant as the baby's tiny toes and fingers, with frills, bows and silky fabric.

Hotmilk Eclipse Maternity Bra - Nude

Beauty for Your Changing Body

There's no reason why your bra shopping experience should be any duller when you're pregnant. With Hotmilk, you can expect to find a flattering range of maternity lingerie available in plus sizes.

With matching nursing tops, shorts, and maternity pyjamas, you can dress up your pregnancy to look and feel great through every trimester.

To take the frumpy out of your nursing bra shopping, browse the Hotmilk range