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Common Bra Problems? Don't worry we have the answers!

Common Bra Problems? Don't worry we have the answers!

So many women struggle to get a bra to fit them well everywhere and that’s before we take into account that you need varying styles of bra in your lingerie drawer as well as taking into account that your size and shape can fluctuate throughout the month. But do not worry, there are lots of signs and signals telling you why your bra might not be fitting quite as it should and we’re about to explain them, so sit tight... 

Double boob, spilling over or bulging under the cup?
The cups are too small, and you will need a larger cup size.

Straps digging into your shoulders and leaving indentations?
This is super common for Curvy Girls, 80% of the support needs to come from the base, if that doesn’t happen it puts extra pressure on your shoulders. This is why a well-structured bra is so important. It will be worth checking a few things first…

  1. You may need to loosen the straps. 
  2. The cups may be too small, pulling the bra downward and creating tension in the straps.
  3. You may need a larger band size - if it’s riding up at the back then this can cause your straps to pull on your shoulders.  

The straps falling off your shoulders?
Most likely, the band size is too large and you will need a smaller band. It is also possible that the bra has lost its elasticity, try tightening the straps.

The band riding up your back?
The band is either too large or needs to be tightened. Adjust the band so it’s not so loose, if it’s still big you need a smaller size. You want it to fit snugly on the loosest hook upon purchase. 

Are the cups in your bra gapping?
If you’re not properly filling out the cup, then the cup size is too large and you will need a smaller size.

The wire in your bra digging in or cutting into you?
It’s the wrong shape or the cup size is too small. You can have a bra that fits, however if the shape is wrong, then the bra just won’t work and it will be very uncomfortable! 

One breast bigger than the other? 

This is so common and most women do have one boob bigger than the other, it just depends on how great the difference is. You must fit for the larger breast. If there is a significant difference between the two, then you can get an insert for the smaller one to balance them out. You could also try a moulded bra as that helps to disguise it.

If you’re struggling with some of these issues and would like some tailored advice then please do not hesitate to contact the Curvy Team on, equally you can take our ‘Bra fitting quiz’ which can help you understand where you might be going wrong. Take the quiz here.