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This trick will ensure your bra is fitting perfectly…

This trick will ensure your bra is fitting perfectly…

We already know that finding the correct bra size can be difficult and that lots of women are settling for bras in the wrong size (it’s believed to be up to a shocking 80%!) but what if we told you that there’s an easy way to know if your bra fits you? Well there is! There are lots of different techniques used when bra fitting but this one method is an easy way to find out if your current bra fits and also to use every time you try on bras in the future. The method is…

Scoop and Swoop

Yes that’s right, it does sound a lot like a new dance move but we can assure you that this easy step by step method will help you know if your bra fits. So let’s get started. 

Step One: Put on your bra. 

Step Two: Lean forward so your breasts naturally fall forward and into the cups.

Step Three: Place your right hand into your left cup and hold your bra’s band in place with your left hand. Gently pull the breast tissue up and into the cup so the wires sit flat against your ribs and all your breast tissue is inside the cup. 

Step Four: Straighten up and let your breast fall back into place. 

Step Five: Repeat on the other side. 

Once you’ve done these easy steps you should notice one of two things. Either your breast will now be spilling out of the cup and the sides - this indicates that your bra is too small or if your bra seemed a little big before this adjustment, will now be filling the cup perfectly and there will be no spillage or bulges. 

Below we have some images provided courtesy of Curvy Kate that show how a bra can appear to fit but once this vital adjustment is carried out it can be a whole different story. 

Before Scoop and Swoop (Wearing a 32H):

To the untrained eye this bra would appear to fit - there’s no bulging or puckering and the breasts look to be fully contained. The issue is that this model has not yet made sure the bra is holding all her breast tissue by performing the scoop and swoop method and so it is currently only ‘placed’ over the top of her breasts. 

After Scoop and Swoop (Wearing a 32H):

As you can see now, the breasts have been brought up and fully into the cups and they are no longer contained. They’re bulging out of the front and the wires are now sitting on the breast tissue in the centre meaning this model needs to try a new size. 

Below shows the model trying a cup size up…

Before Scoop and Swoop (Wearing a 32I):

So if most women tried this bra on they would immediately dismiss this size as being ‘too big’ - there’s space at the top of the cups near the straps and the fabric is gaping and puckering due to not being filled correctly. However with the simple method of ‘Scoop and Swoop’ we can transform the fit of this bra:

After Scoop and Swoop (Wearing a 32I):

Now the model has brought her breasts up and forward into the cup the bra is fitting correctly and looks like the perfect size. 

It’s important to note that this method should be carried out every single time you put on a bra not just when you’re trying new ones. Every bra should require you to pull your full breast into the cup to ensure the perfect fit. It’s also good to note that if your bra does fit correctly then these adjustments should stay like this throughout the day and your breast tissue should not start to slip back to its usual position. 

So what’s going on inside the cup? Well here’s another diagram kindly provided by Curvy Kate which shows how just putting a bra on and leaving your breasts as they are isn’t giving you the correct support. The bra is actually pushing down on the breast tissue and not lifting it up. By carrying out the Scoop and Swoop method you’re ensuring that your bra and wires are doing the job they were intended to by giving you the best lift and support possible.

So does your bra fit correctly after you’ve carried out the Scoop and Swoop method? If not and you’d like some help or advice then please do not hesitate to contact our team of specialist bra fitters who will be more than happy to advise you on what style and size you should try. You can get in touch with them via their email which is